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Corporate Governance

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014


BME’s structure

As established in the company’s Articles of Associa-

tion and Board of Directors’ Regulations, the Board

of Directors has entrusted the running of its ordinary

business to the delegate bodies, the board’s execu-

tive members and the senior management team.

Accordingly, the company has a

General Manager

who, under the supervision and encouragement of

the Chairman, as the most senior executive, coor-

dinates the business units and areas, and a


dination Committee,

which is responsible for the

permanent coordination between the group’s various

business units and the activities of the company and

the group’s companies.

Coordination Committee

Antonio Zoido Martínez (Chairman)

Javier Hernani Burzako (General Manager)

Ramón Adarraga Morales

Jaime Aguilar Fernández-Hontoria

Antonio Giralt Serra

José Massa Gutiérrez del Álamo

Francisco Nicolás Tahoces

Francisco de Oña Navarro

Jorge Yzaguirre Scharfhausen

All information relating to corporate governance at

BME can be found in the company’s Annual Corpo-

rate Governance report, the Annual Report on Direc-

tors’ Remuneration for 2014 and the Report on the

Board of Directors’ activity, are of which all available

on the corporate website: