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BME meets user needs

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014


Meanwhile, on 17 September, BME Clearing, the BME

subsidiary which acts as a central counterparty entity,

received authorisation from the CNMV to act as such

pursuant to EMIR.

BME Clearing currently has a project for the equity

spot market which will come into operation in

October 2015, that is linked to the Registration,

Clearing and Settlement System reform project,

which in 2014 continued to work on a new Spanish

registration, clearing and settlement system and the

interest rate swaps segment, scheduled for the third

quarter of 2015.

In 2014, BME Innova developed the Integrated

Market Abuse Service (SICAM), which allows the

analysis of trades on other European markets. It

has also started the commercialization of compli-

ance services associated with Circular 5/2014 of

the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores, on



BME has various traditional and modern means of

communication to ascertain the doubts, needs and

opinions of both direct and indirect users and it now

has a social media presence (

Twitter (@GrupoBME


Youtube, Flickr, Slideshare and LinkedIn

), where it

publishes its results and the activities of the various

Group companies, as well as bringing BME closer to

its investors, potential customers and the media.

In 2014, the Group, through Instituto BME, opened a

new communication channel with users, specifically

in the area of training and with the youngest users

of the Social Networks. Facebook has been incorpo-

rated as a new communication channel for Instituto

BME and at the end of 2014 it had 345 followers.

requirements of statistical information on assets

and liabilities of Collective Investment Institutions

within the EU.

On the international front, BME reaffirmed its commit-

ment to Latin America with the signing on 17 July of

an agreement with the Bolsa Boliviana de Valores to

implement the SMART trading platform on its market.

In the last quarter of 2014 it also issued the prelimi-

nary recommendations on the diagnosis project for

the infrastructure of Peru’s Public Debt market oper-

ations systems, consultancy work scheduled for the

first quarter of 2015. BME also continued the work on

“modernisation of the stock market of the state of Algeria”

begun in 2013 on the Algerian Treasury Department’s

project to create and operate a public debt trading

platformas part of the Debt Conversion in Public Invest-

ment programme in Algeria. The platform succesfully

began on 3 December 2014 with the first auction on

the primary market.

Hand-in-hand with these virtual channels, BME places

great importance on direct, personal and fluid rela-

tionships between its employees and direct and

indirect market participants.