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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014


BME corporate website

BME has its own website



which provides easy and direct access in Spanish and

English to the services provided by BME and its subsid-

iaries, with direct links to their websites.

The website offers direct links to the Equities, Deriva-

tives, Fixed Income, Clearing, Settlement, Information

and Consulting and Technology areas.

There is also an “Investor’s Corner” section that

provides direct access to key information relating to

BME and various tools to study the BME share price.

The site also has an “Information for Shareholders and

Investors” section dedicated mainly to shareholders

and investors but accessible to all parties interested

in the company. This section contains permanently

updated legal and financial information about BME as

required by law.

BME on social media

Social media has now become some of the main

channel which investors and analysts turn to when

taking decisions, particularly those approaching the

company for the first time. To this end, the BME 2.0

initiative was rolled out. This project aims to comple-

ment traditional communication channels and make

investors and analysts the main consumers and

creators of financial information, interacting with the

other market agents immediately and simultaneously.

The use of social media enables journalists, analysts,

students, shareholders and those passionate about

finance, to access comprehensive information on

BME’s activity and its business areas. BME and

certain BME executives have accounts on Twitter,

LinkedIn, Flicker and Slideshare. BME also has its own

YouTube channel, where it posts the main news on

the company along with results presentations, inter-

views and other multimedia content.

In 2014, 38,123 users consulted the Spanish version of

the Information for Shareholders and Investors section

while 7,237 users consulted the English site (compared

to 41,544 visits to the Spanish site and 5,680 visits to the

English site in 2013 and 28,286 visits to the Spanish site

and 5,044 visits to the English site in 2012).

In addition, prior to General Shareholders’ Meetings

the company puts all information and documenta-

tion about the meetings in this section of the website

as well as on the home page for quick access. Links

are also made readily available to the Shareholder

e-Forum, voting mechanisms and e-proxy voting, elec-

tronic information requests and web cast links that go

live when the company broadcasts its General Share-

holders’ Meetings.

Also, since 2013, shareholders can access the “Share-

holder training plan” section on the BME website

which has information on the free courses offered by

Instituto BME. Section 2.7 of this chapter offers more

detailed information on the figures for the courses

offered during 2014.

According to the 10th annual report on General

Shareholders’ Meetings of the Corporate Governance

Forum published by IESE Business School (Univer-

sidad de Navarra) and Inforpress, the communication

agency, in 2014, BME ranked among the top three

most active IBEX35® companies on social media.

In addition, in 2014 Instituto BME opened an account

on Facebook with the aim of bringing financial

markets closer to the younger members of the public.