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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014






As provided for under Spanish law, the primary

vehicle for shareholders to participate in the life of

the company is the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

BME considers that this participation is a basic pillar

for ascertaining shareholders’ expectations, concerns

and proposals. Through the General Shareholders’

Meeting, the company’s highest decision-making

body, shareholders and investors can express their

wishes and exercise their right to take part in the deci-

sion-taking process in matters within their remit.

In order for shareholders to correctly exercise

their right to participate, prior to the General Share-

holders’ Meeting and when notice of the meeting

has been published, BME makes available to share-

holders all the relevant information regarding the

meeting on its website.

BME encourages its shareholders to play an active

role in the company and makes all of the tools they

need to exercise their political and economic rights

available to them. To this end, BME has designed

certain measures to encourage shareholder partici-

pation. These include:

No limits on shareholder participation, which means

any shareholder may attend meetings, speak

and exercise their right to vote, regardless of the

number of shares held. BME adheres to the “one

share, one vote” principle, a concept it regards as a

basic element for equality in its relationship with all


Shareholders are provided with an attendance card,

referenced to the shareholder register, so that they

can participate, as most suitable for them, in the

General Shareholders’ Meeting.

The Shareholder e-Forum, which facilitates commu-

nication among shareholders between the time the

General Shareholders’ Meeting is called and the

date it is held. On the occasion of the General Share-

holders’ Meeting held on 30 April 2014, at second

call, four (4) shareholders registered in the e-Forum

although no proposal was made (five (5) and six (6)

shareholders registered prior to the 30 April 2013

and 26 April 2012 meetings in respectively).

Shareholders unable to attend meetings in person

are offered the possibility of taking part and exer-

cising their right to vote, be represented and receive

information via remote means of communication

(electronic means or regular post).