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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014


The SI3 enables the company to improve its

purchasing processes and ensures that the goods

received from the various suppliers meet its high

quality and service standards.

The procedure for contracting external services

features a registration and evaluation tool in order

to assess the level of quality of the products and

services received from each supplier. This process:

Optimises external service costs;

Establishes an evaluation process of the suppliers’

level of compliance, and focuses on reviewing

those suppliers posing the greatest risk due to

volume or the impact on business;

Entrusts the legal department with reviewing all

trade contracts entered into;


leveraged on knowledge and past experience. This

way relations with suppliers are managed directly

by those in charge at each company, business unit

and corporate area within BME which requires the

product or service;

Establishes supplier payment control mechanisms

once the order has been evaluated;

Correct management of this control mechanism is

borne out by the fact that, inter alia, in 2014, the

company was named by the Multisector Default

Platform as one of the leading IBEX35® companies

to pay its suppliers within the legally-established


In 2014, all our suppliers were paid within the legal-

ly-established deadline in compliance with prevailing

legislation to combat late payments in commercial

transactions. The average payment period in 2014

was 31 days.

The company’s corporate commitment to environ-

mental and social responsibility extends to its supply

chain and as such requires that its suppliers comply

with the principles of legality, ethics and labour and

environmental responsibility in the performance of

their respective activities. To this end, all new suppliers

are required to sign a statement undertaking to

comply with their contractual responsibilities.

Supplier evaluation process

In order to optimise the management of suppliers with

responsible criteria, SI3 carries out an initial assessment

of the level of compliance of new suppliers and with

whomBME has placed an initial order worth in excess of

€10,000 or where the products or services are deemed

critical or represent a high risk given the direct impact

they have on BME’s activities or services rendered to

its clients. These companies are also required to hold

social and environmental accreditation.

Following the standardisation and initial assessment,

registered suppliers are continuously monitored to

ensure that the quality of their supplies is maintained

and complies with established requirements, using

the following procedures:

1. Evaluation of all goods delivered and services


2. Detection, recording and follow-up of any inci-

dents, delays or claims occurring;

3. Each supplier is reviewed annually based on the

evaluations made after each delivery and any inci-

dents occurring during the delivery of the goods or

the rendering of the services.