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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014


Low consumption light bulbs, LED bulbs and fluo-

rescent tubes are used throughout the buildings

and help cut average power usage by up to 60%

(depending on the manufacturer) compared to

standard products.

As an additional way of raising awareness of the

importance of power efficiency, some of the Compa-

ny’s offices are taking measures to reduce their

power consumption. In this respect, the Operational

Headquarters of the Sociedad Rectora de la Bolsa

de Bilbao has reduced its power installed capacity





HVAC systems




Insulation elements




Electricity and lighting materials and equipment




in order to meet the energy saving objectives set for

2015, following an energy audit report in 2014. The

Sociedad Rectora de la Bolsa de Valores de Barce-

lona, plans to install electricity monitors which give

constant readings as a means of monitoring and

controlling consumption.

In keeping with the above, in 2014 BME continued to

invest in specific measures aimed at gradually opti-

mising direct electricity consumption.


indirect consumption

of energy resources

mainly occurs during trips to and from work made

by company employees. To help reduce greenhouse

gases, BME offers the following alternatives:

The use of public transport over private vehicles,

thereby reducing pollution. BME provides a shuttle

service between the work centre at Las Rozas

(Madrid) and the nearest train station and between

the company’s two main offices in Madrid.

The shuttle operator meets the requirements

of UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004 and UNE-EN ISO

9001:2000 standards. These certificates guar-

antee, among other aspects, that drivers operate

the coaches in an environmentally responsible

manner and that the service reduces fuel use by up

to 10% compared with coaches that are not driven

with these best practices in mind.

Essential air and rail travel

to carry out BME’s activi-

ties. Train travel is preferred over air travel for short

trips, thereby helping to reduce the company’s

carbon footprint.

The use of video calling or conferencing for meetings.

BME has specially-outfitted meeting rooms at all its

offices. In 2014 1,507 video conferences were held

at the Madrid and Barcelona operating headquar-

ters, compared to 900 and 1,318 in 2012 and 2013,

respectively. This is a 40.28% and 12.54% increase

on to 2012 and 2013, respectively.


As we have mentioned in section 3.2.2

above on work/life balance and benefits, those

employees who live far from their place of work

may request to work from home. This also helps

reduce the energy’s indirect consumption.