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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014



Since 2005, BME, through Iberclear, has been collab-

orating in the fight against climate change by means

of the National Registry for Emission Rights for Green-

house Gases (RENADE), an instrument for ensuring

that data on the ownership and control of green-

house gas emission rights are publicly available and

always up to date.

After winning a tender, Iberclear will continue to

perform its ongoing functions providing support to the

National Administrator of the Spanish section of the

European Union Registry in relation to the European

Union trading scheme of greenhouse gas emission

allowances and the Kyoto Protocol for the period


RENADE provides industrial facilities with the technical

and human resources necessary to comply with their

annual obligation of turning over to the government

rights in an amount equivalent to CO2 emissions made

during the prior year. The close collaboration between

the Registry and local governments, as verifiers of

these annual CO2 emissions, and the personalised

attention provided by the authorised representatives

of the installations through the Iberclear Service Desk,

have enabled the 2014 compliance objectives to be

reached across Spain.

In 2014, the GHG emission rights trading scheme for

the European aviation industry was amended to adopt

a single international measurement for the sector.