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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014



In 2014, BME continued to sponsor awards to drive

and encourage stock market investment.

As per its tradition, BME has awarded and spon-

sored the following prizes:

Base Ibex 35 and Latibex Top prizes to the mutual

funds obtaining the largest accumulated return

in the past year and whose portfolio reflects the

Spanish and Latin American indices, respectively;

Foro Finanzas award, given for the best works

submitted at the 22nd Foro de Finanzas (Finance

Form) organised by Asociación Española de

Finanzas (AEFIN) on equity, fixed-income and

derivative products;

Morningstar Fondos 2014 awards, which, in

collaboration with newspaper El Economista, are

granted to those managers, funds and pension

funds that have provided the most value to their

participants over the past years;

IV Robotrader 2014 Awards for algorithmic trading

systems for financial markets;

8th edition of the CFA Spain Awards, in collabora-

tion with Campus BBVA, BME and El Economista,

which CFA

Society Spain

bestows on the winners of

the CFA analysis competition; and,

25th Expansión Awards, sponsored by BME this

year, where Allfunds Bank and financial journal

Expansión award the best fund managers, funds

and pension plans of 2013.

XXVth. Expansion financial newspaper Awards to the best fund

managers, funds and pension plans. Awards Ceremony